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A. S. Prasad, J. Hinney, S. Mahmoodian, K. Hammerer, S. Rind, P. Schneeweiss, A. S. Sørensen, J. Volz, A. Rauschenbeutel (2020): Correlating photons using the collective nonlinear response of atoms weakly coupled to an optical mode
arXiv: 1911.09701

C. Gut, K. Winkler, J. Hoelscher-Obermaier, S. G. Hofer, R. Moghadas Nia, N. Walk, A. Steffens, J. Eisert, W. Wieczorek, J. A. Slater, M. Aspelmeyer, K. Hammerer (2020): Stationary optomechanical entanglement between a mechanical oscillator and its measurement apparatus
arXiv: 1912.01635

D. Nitzschke, M. Schulte, M. Niemann, J. M. Cornejo, S. Ulmer, R. Lehnert, C. Ospelkaus, K. Hammerer (2020): Elementary laser-less quantum logic operations with (anti-)protons in Penning traps
arXiv: 1912.02046

F. Fitzek, J.-N. Siemß, S. Seckmeyer, H. Ahlers, E. M. Rasel, K. Hammerer, N. Gaaloul (2020): Universal Atom Interferometer Simulator -- Elastic Scattering Processes
arXiv: 2002.05148

J.-N. Siemß, F. Fitzek, S. Abend, E. M. Rasel, N. Gaaloul, K. Hammerer (2020): Analytic theory for Bragg atom interferometry based on the adiabatic theorem
arXiv: 2002.04588

M. Gebbe, S. Abend, J-N. Siemß, M. Gersemann, H. Ahlers, H. Müntinga, S. Herrmann, N. Gaaloul, C. Schubert, K. Hammerer, C. Lämmerzahl, W. Ertmer, E. M. Rasel (2020): Twin-lattice atom interferometry
arXiv: 1907.08416

S. Mahmoodian, G. Calajó, D. E. Chang, K. Hammerer, A. S. Sørensen (2020): Dynamics of many-body photon bound states in chiral waveguide QED
arXiv: 1910.05828

M. Schulte, C. Lisdat, P. O. Schmidt, U. Sterr, K. Hammerer (2020): Spin squeezing can only improve clocks with small atom number
arXiv: 1911.00882

M. Schulte, V. J. Martínez-Lahuerta, M. S. Scharnagl, K. Hammerer (2020): Complete theory of Ramsey interferometry with squeezing echoes
arXiv: 1911.11801